April: Sarah

"Hi, I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you," says the new girl. I brush my dark hair off my face and smile at her. I'm one of the only non-blondes in our class.

"Nice to meet you too. I'm April, April Showers," I say. She gapes at my last name but then giggles.

Yes, I know. What kind of person would marry a guy with the last name Showers and then call their daughter April? My parents, that's who. I have black hair and clear, bright blue eyes. Everyone who moves to this school seems to get driven away, so there's nearly always an empty seat next to me. It's no secret why they leave either- Rhianna and her "friends", Sylvie and Rebecca. They hate me, probably because I'm vaguely popular and not one of their blonde brainwashed followers. 

"April!" I jump as the teacher shouts me.

"Yes, sir?" I ask. Rhianna and her cronies have got that look on their faces that saysI hope she gets done.

"Will you please take Sarah and show her round the school?"

"Okay, sir. Come on," I say to Sarah.

The End

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