Sarah: New School. New Start

I walk to the turn off point with Zoe. She gives me a warning glare.

"You better not trash this" she says and then walks off to my old school. I walk in the opposite direction, to my new school. Kalin Bridge. It goes right from nursery to sixth form. I get in just as the bell goes. I walk up to the office.

"Umm. Hi. I'm Sarah Banks. I'm new"

"Ah yes. Here are your books, and your planner, and a list of teachers" the woman at the desk hands me a load of books and a piece of paper. I put them in my bag. "Your form room is room 202. Just up those stairs. I thank her and walk up the stairs. I look at the list of teachers and find that this is Mr James. Peeking in, the first thing I notice is that about half the class is blonde. I knock and Mr James motions for me to come in.

"You must be Sarah" he says.

"Oh no. Another dumb blonde" a boy mutters. His hair is black.

"Marcus! That is not a good way to welcome a new student!" Mr James exclaims. "Sarah, would you like to sit next to April?"

"Oh, that's fine" I walk over to the desk at the back of the room and realise that I'll be sitting in the exact same place I sat when I sat next to Abbie. Sigh. I sit down and turn to April. "Hi, I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you"

The End

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