I've always wanted to write about...well, writing, in a single work and add to it in the same way I have diaries with random thoughts. If anybody has anything they've been thinking about lately (writing-related, of course) then please comment and I'd love to write my thoughts on it. Maybe I'll even make this into a collab and let others add to it :)

A lot of the time, I think to myself "what makes me qualified to say all of this stuff?" When advice comes from, let's say, Terry Pratchett or Steven King, and then it comes from me, there appears to be a stratospheric difference. I suppose the only thing I can say is that what Pratchett and King and I have in common is that I think we all call ourselves "writers".

Maybe I'll delve into what a "writer" is in an upcoming chapter, but for now let's just agree that I am one, and maybe I'm not what the former men are, "bestseller" or "world-famous", but does that necessarily matter?

To me, success is defined by the accreditation of others, worth is defined by you, and you alone, though those around you might challenge that. I think I'm a good writer and able to speak to you about certain matters, and even though I value the opinions of others, nothing they could ever say would make me put down my laptop/pen and ease into a life of administration work and squash.

I suppose why I'm rambling on about this is because I want to be a valued part of the Protagonize community. Right now, I'm ranked in the Top Ten, but to me that's the former value of "success", based on ratings and comments. What matters to me whilst I'm here is how I contribute and add to this wonderful website, and to me the best way to do that is to pass on the wisdom, no matter how convoluted and unorthodox you might find it to be coming from me.

So in thanks to Protagonize and it's fantabulastic (I made a word) members, here's my thoughts/tips/inspirations on the topsy-turvy routine that is writing!

The End

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