I'm Sorry

I was feeling remorseful....

To every single person I've ever wronged- know that I am truly sorry.

I'm sorry to those of you whose work I've read and loved, yet haven't commented on in fear that my words would not be able to express how much I love your work. I know that a halfhearted comment would be much better that nothing at all.

I'm sorry, my dearest friends, for I have shouted at you countless times without so much as a second thought about your side of the story. The excuse that 'I have a short temper' is a feeble one, to be sure.

I apologize, oh rejected ones, for I've forgone many a smile and a 'good morning' toward you in fear of what society would think, what people would say. That smile would have cost me nothing, but it would have lit up the rest of your day.

I'm sorry, Mother, for thinking you rude and interfering when you ask me not to talk on the phone for too long. I know that everything you do is only for my betterment, and you have my best interests at heart.

I'm sorry to those of you on here who I am insanely jealous of, for being much better writers than I am. I should be only happy for you, I know it. I am still struggling to get the negative emotions out of my head.

Know this, all the waiters, servants and drivers I've refused to meet the eye of, that I wish I had just taken a minute of my time to just acknowledge you and thank you for everything. You all work so hard just for my life to be one of comfort, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

I'm sorry to every single person I've been rude to, all of you to whom I owe an apology, yet pass off as insignificant. Each one of you has something special, something unique in you; the only thing is that I'm unable to see it. In this, I am the one at fault, and I apologize.

The End

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