Sarah: End of the YearMature

"Sarah, why do you keep doing this?" Zoe asks me when I get home from school.

"Doing what?" I say

"You know what Sarah! I mean, you have a little fall out with Kanoa, and make it worse resulting in a huge fall out with Abbie! You make that worse by pouring acid over her! When Abbie forgives you, you try to take Kanoa away from her! Abbie may be your friend, it doesn't mean she trusts you! She knows what's going on! God, she is allowed to have other friends except you, you know! If you try to take her friends away from her, she wont be yours! What you're doing isn't fair Sarah! Sometimes it's hard to believe that Mum  raised you!" she shouts. Wow. I stumble in shock. "Now, I'm not going to tell Mum about this because she's going through a hard time, but anything else and you are in for it"

"OK. Sorry. I'll - I'll try to make friends. I didn't realize-"

"You did realize what was happening. You're just a selfish little girl. It'll serve you right if they don't forgive you!"

"Yeah. It will." I go up to my bedroom and think about it. Not a good end to the year. Sigh.



At school the next day, Abbie and Kanoa both ignore me. Lia keeps throwing me angry glances and Roxane just goes along with what they're doing. I don't blame her. Zoe keeps shooting me warning glances and her friends look at her with confused expressions. She just shakes her head. The bell goes at the end of the day and everyone rushes out in groups. Not me. I walk out alone. Sigh. I'm going to start next year with no friends. I wish I'd never started this in the first place.


                                                      THE END

The End

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