Abbie: OK, there is DEFINITELY something going onMature

I sit at my computer and hate the seating plan. Sarah sits next to me. She comes in and sits in her seat. A few minutes later, Lia comes in. I sit near the front so I can hear what she's saying.

"Kanoa is going to be late, Miss. She says she is very sorry" she says to the teacher quietly. Miss nods. Lia takes her seat opposite me "Stupid little girl. Idiot person" she mumbles angrily. I guess they would have been worse words if she knew them. There's only one person she can be talking about.

"Lia" I whisper "She's next to me. If I can hear you then she probably can too"

"I do not care" she whispers back. Hmm... I consider giving her a 'french' lesson, then decide against it. We're all doing this questionnaire online when Kanoa walks in. She whispers something to Miss and then takes her place next to Lia. She tries not to look up but I can see that her eyes are red rimmed. I put my hand up.

"Yes Abbie?"

"Kanoa needs help. Can I go and show her what to do?"

"Yes" Miss says. I walk round to Kanoa.

"Are you OK?" I ask.

"I'm fine"

"You don't look it" I whisper, then raise my voice slightly "Go on 'Student Shared'" Kanoa says nothing but she shakes her head. "What's up?" Kanoa looks up. I follow her gaze to see Sarah shaking her head. She slowly turns towards her screen

"No, of coarse I don't have 'Exel' on my laptop" she mutters.

"Is it something to do with Sarah?" I ask. Kanoa's silent but Lia stiffens as she struggles to understand the tech talk that's involved in the questions. Then Anna and Zoe come in.They must be on reception.

"Hi Anna, hi Zoe" I say. 

"Hi Abbie" Zoe says, Anna waves. I mouth 'I need to talk to you' at Zoe. She nods slightly. Anna must have noticed because she gives Zoe a confused glance.

"Can we have your register please?" she asks Miss. Miss hands her the register and then they leave.

The End

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