Standing up for a girl in a language you don't know really well ain't to easyMature

"Hey B****"

I turn round and see Sarah standing behind me calling to Kanoa who I was talking to. Kanoa didn't react but just carried on walking like Sarah wasn't there.

"Turn round stupid i've got something to say to you!"

Kanoa kept on going her face flushing red. Sarah grabbed her arm yanking her back.

"Oops i'm so sorry!" Sarah basically laughs in her face as she stamps on her toe. Kanoa's eyes start to tear but she angrily wipes them aside. I look at Sarah full of rage; i'd never forgiven her about chucking the water and wondered why the others had. And now this!

"You stay away from Abbie! Do you understand?" She said spitting in Kanoa's face.

"well?" she shouted

"Away go from here Sarah! We not want your company!" In my rage my English grammer wasn't that good.

"Away go!" Sneered Sarah mocking my accent, "Stupid Italian girl like i lisson to you!"

"Go away!" I shouted and looked at her with fierce eyes my fist clenched.

Sarah backed of and said,

"God harniss your dog Kanoa!" And stormed off saying,"you'll regret this!"

The End

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