Sarah: LyingMature

After maths, Abbie tells Roxane, Kanoa and Lia to go on; she'd catch them up. I know what she's going to ask, so I try to get away. She catches me up.

"Sarah wait!"


"When were you planning to tell me about your parents?" Oh. That caught me off guard. I drag her into the toilets. They're empty coz, no-one's allowed on this floor at break.

"What about them?" I try to make out that I don't know what she's talking about.

"You know what" Damn. She knows me too well. 

"No I don't" I try to keep it up.

"Well I could just ask your mum... or Oliver... In fact, I will ask Oliver. He doesn't seem to mind telling people" she says.

"It's my personal life"

"Well it's not any more coz everyone in the school knows"

"What!? Who told you"

"I had to hear it off Kanoa, because she heard it off the girls who sit behind her in maths." Abbie says. She's annoyed with me. I'm not surprised actually: she tells me everything that goes on in her life.

"Kanoa didn't have the right to tell you"

"No, she didn't. But I have the right to know what the heck's going on! Especially since I saved you from getting expelled!" she's angry now.

"Are you just going to say that every time you don't get what you want from me?" I accuse her

"No! I would never do that! Oh yeah, and also, what went on at lunchtime?"


"Yes it did"

"No it didn't"

"Yes it did because if 'nothing' had gone on then you would have made up some stupid excuse!" she knows me waaaaay too well.

"Nothing went on"

"Ugh! Seriously Sarah! You keep secrets from me that I deserve to hear and them you lie to me! I'm beginning to question whether you're really my friend!" and then she storms off, fuming. Crap. She knows. She knows it's me. I'm going to have a serious talk with Oliver. And Kanoa.

The End

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