Abbie: No. Way.Mature

"Abbie!" Kanoa whizzes across the classroom. She's lucky the supply teacher went out to get some extra work for me. Ugh. Extra work. 

"Calm down Kanoa. Seriously" I sigh.

"OK. Sorry!" she says, even though it's obvious she hasn't calmed down. It's not a happy-excited excited... it's a surprised-excited excited. 

"What is it? Before you explode"

"You'll never guess!"

"No, I wont, so tell me"

"Well... actually, I would've thought she would have told you"

"Just get on with it!"

"Sarah's parents divorced and now her mum's engaged to Oliver's dad!" she exclaims all in one breath, really fast. I shoot a glance over at Sarah, who has really good hearing when people talk about her, and seems to go deaf when you're saying something she doesn't like.

"I would've thought she'd've told me too..." I mumble(I am aware that 'she'd've' isn't a word).

"She didn't tell you!"

"No. I need to talk to her..."

"Please don't ask her about lunch!" Kanoa pleads and then covers her mouth quickly.

"Actually, I wasn't going to. I was going to ask her when she was planning to tell me about her parents" I say. Something is definitely going on. "I wont ask her" Note: I don't promise. The the supply teacher comes back.

"What are you doing here Kanoa?"

"I was helping her Miss" I lie. The teacher buys it because in the note that Sir left it says: Base all the answers on Sarah and Abbie's answers. Because the supply teacher normally teaches history and knows nothing about maths.

The End

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