Sarah: The Plan is WorkingMature

I get to school before Abbie and Kanoa the next day. I go and look for Oliver. He was smoking in the fire escape. (He's in Y9). 

"Hey Oliver" I say.

"Want me to spread another rumor?" he says.


"I need a reason"

"Kanoa's stealing Abbie from me" I lie. He wont spread it if I give the real reason.

"Good enough. Rumor please"

"Abbie doesn't like Kanoa. She likes me more and doesn't want to be Kanoa's friend"

"How much of that is true?"

"None of it" I admit.

"OK. You owe me one. And if it works, you owe me big time"




The teachers said it was too much hassle keeping us excluded, so they stopped. I'm having a conversation with Roxane and Lia while Abbie and Kanoa are talking together. Just as I'm beginning to think that Oliver isn't going to spread the rumor, he walks up to them. 

"Abbie?" he asks innocently.

"What is it Oliver?" she says. She sounds annoyed. She doesn't really like him.

"Why are you still hanging around with Kanoa?" he asks.

"What do you mean?" Abbie says suspiciously

"Well, no offence, but it's a bit stupid to hand around with someone you don't like" and then he walks away. Ha! He's a natural. Kanoa's eyes go really wide as she looks at Abbie.

"Don't listen to him" Abbie says to her. She's really annoyed and she's doing the best she can to comfort Kanoa. 

"You do like me, don't you?" Kanoa asks.

"Of coarse I like you! You're my best friend!" Abbie exclaims. I catch Kanoa's eye but she looks away.

"But Oliver said you don't" she points out.

"And you believe him" Abbie makes it sound like a fact.

"No..." I catch her eye again and mouth 'she's lying'. Then Abbie looks round so I quickly pretend to join in Roxane and Lia's conversation. 

"What did she say?" Abbie noticed. Kanoa doesn't answer. "Kanoa, what did she say?!" Abbie presses.

"Oh, oh nothing" she mumbles. She lies. Maybe I have more influence over her than I thought. Abbie looks like she's ready to commit murder. And I know she suspects me.

The End

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