Sarah: Plan 'Abbie's My Friend and No-One Else's' Phase 'Get Kanoa to Think That Abbie Doesn't Like Her' Part OneMature

Cherries!: i'm goin 2 big convo now
Sarah.x: so am i

I then close that conversation. I know Abbie will have told Kanoa that I'm lying. She still hates me for throwing acid on her. I can tell. I get a ding telling me that someone's talking on the big convo.

Your Friend: i'm bored. sum1 make a compatition
Cherries!: a compatition 'bout wat?
Your Friend: Anything!
Sarah.x: i no! wat about if we all say where evry1 comes on our frend list.
Your Friend: OK
Roxy: kk
Princespa: alright
Cherries!: k
Sarah.x: ok. we'll do it in alphabetical order. so ur 1st abbie
Your Friend: oh, OK. i guess it'd be like this. (sorry if ur place offends u) 
                                 Kanoa, Sarah, Roxy, Lia.

OK. So that didn't work. I go offline. I have to think of something else. I know! I'll get Oliver Gritz to spread a rumor! That's sure to work. Everyone believes him. 

The End

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