Heather: No, Please, NoMature

"Please" Thea begs again.

"No" I say simply.

"What's happening?" Anna asks as she walks in Jake at her side his hand round her waist.

"She won't allow me to call Eden.... or GIVE ME THE TWINS NEW NUMBER!" Thea almost screams the last part.

"They won't come" I say simply. Thea pretends to faint and Hannah catches her.

"Come on Heather it will be a laugh" Zoe says. I pout and they all do puppy dog eyes which is more funny that sweet.

"Fine... but that means Daniel will be coming round two?" I say pulling my phone out of the hidden pocket.

Everyone besides Thea looks confused. She colapses to the floor then jumps back up.

"He's mine!" She shouts.

"Whatever" I say and turn walking out of the room as I bring my mobile to my ear.

"Hey Sweets.... Hey" Eden yells the last part but it's distant.

"Are you bizzy?" I ask.

"No, me and the Guys are at my place" He says.

"Fancy coming to Thea's?"

"Oh, that wiill be great. Can the others come as well?"

"Sure, do you need me to show you where she lives"

"Yeah come over then we'll go back to Thea's place. Wasn't she the one who came with you to my concert?"

"Yeah, See you in five"

"Love you Sweets"

"Love you too"

Then I disconect.

"I'm gonna go fetch him" I shout then rush out calling my mum for a lift as I go.

The End

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