Anna: even bloodsuckers like the occassional snog.Mature

I rung the doorbell at Jake's and hurried into my pose. He opened the door, and looked for a minute at me in silence. Just the reaction I was after. I had not changed a bit about the eyeliner, but I had added white powder because if you're going to waste makeup, you many as well waste it all. I had half crouched and was holding my arms at wiggling standby. I flung my cloak and performed 'VE VONT TO SUCK YOUR BLURRRD!' again, and then ran to hug him. Because even vampires like the occasional snog.

'Ok I've just got to get my bag,' he ran upstairs and I stepped inside. Nice house. I mean, admittedly we all knew that his front garden was very nice and scenic, from previous experience *cough* hiding behind the bush *cough*. But it was all very white. I leaned my face against the wall for a second before pulling away, whispering 'crap' as I saw a slight black smudge on the white paint. Damn eyeliner getting everywhere! Jake came down as I was trying to rub it off with my thumb and I jumped away.

'Are you ok?' He looked at me. No don't do that Jake. Don't be all smooth on my eyes, you know I'll only blurt it out.

'Yeh I'm fine...exceptIgoteyelineralloveryourwallandsothat'swhyweareleavingvairrrquickly' I bundled him out of the door. Phewwwwf.

'Right, let's fly!' I swished my cloak about and ran off, pulling Jake after me. This seemed to be a regular thing. Oh well, if it keeps my in shape...

The End

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