Jake: Well, that changes things!Mature

 My mobile buzzed annoyingly.

"Hang on!" I shouted to it. Wait. They wouldn't hear me. I ran to the little silver flippy phone thing and flipped it up.


"HI JAKE THE SMOOTHY SMOOTH NEW DUDE!" Thea squealed down the phone. I held the phone away from my ears so I could rub them.

"Ouch, Thea! Calm down! What d'ya want?"

"Well, the fabulous four, who are now the fabulous five, which are us, are having a sleepover and we have blood!" She enthused.


"Ya!" She shouted. "Don't you wanna come?!"

"Do I .. have to?"

"Well, yes! Duh!" The line went silent apart from a few unintelligable whispers and giggles. I could've sworn I heard Anna groan. "And Anna said" she took a breath to stop herself from laughing "you should come because she wants to sleep next to you!" She burst into roars of laughter. I would play along.

"Well, that changes things! I'll pack my stuff."

"Okay then!" She shouted.

"Oh, Thee?" I asked before she hung up.


"Send Anna over hear. I dunno where you live."



"BYE!" She hung up. I shoved the phone into my pocket and began to sling things into a bag.


The End

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