Heather: Do you have Cake?Mature

"You lot are completely bonkers" I mutter. I'm still pouting angrily.

"Oh my God!!!" Thea shouts.

"I know isn't it cool" Hannah says.

"It is stylish" Zoe says.

"Heather where do you get all these clothes?" Anna asks.

"Shops" I mutter looking down at the red cloak mostly covering the black and red dress with tight corset.

"I should have hidden this it's very rare" I mutter fiddling with the necklace.

"Come in guys" Thea says doing a waving gesture to tell us to come in.

"I want to go home" I mutter. "I may be slightly enthusiastic but you take it OTT to a WHOLE new level"

They all laugh. Thea's brother walks down the stares shocked slightly before shaking his head and going to the kitchen.

"Come on Heather" Thea says.

"Can't I just call Eden and go home" I moan.

"I know what" Thea shouts. "We'll invite the boys round..... after your initiation"

"Yipee" I mutter. "Do you have Cake?"

The End

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