Anna: blood, blood, blood, blood and gummy fangs.Mature

Thea and I are lounging on the bean bags in her bedroom. The fab four have decided to have a sleepover every first Friday of the month. That way we won't actually forget, and we can plan them the week before. We decided themes are good too. As it is at Thea's house it's a vampire theme. Don't ask me-I think she just wants to use up the cobwebs from halloween and her fangs from when she was thirteen. You wouldn't think looking at sweet Thea that she was a total goth two years ago. Because I went round to Thee's a good half an hour early after school I helped her decorate. I think I scared her little brother when I opened the door-I had put an awful lot of eyeliner in my face, surprisingly the least amount around my eyes. We have snacks: blood (ketchup), and blood smarties (the red ones) and blood (Ribena) and blood fruits (strawberries). Also gummy fangs. If you ask me it's a very good arrangement.

Zoe and Hannah arrived, with Heather in tow. We have invited her in order to initiate her into the fab four, which for mathematical issues will now be the fab five. Thea and I opened the door and yelled 'VE VONT TO SUCK YOUR BLURRRRRD!' and wiggled our arms about. Note to self: try this on Jake as I feel I add a je ne sais quoi to this undead thingy.

The End

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