Abbie: What's Going On?Mature

After school, I go straight on MSN. There are four people online. Sarah, Keela, Roxane, Lia. Lia has a really cool name. It's 'Principessa'. Which means Princess. I open a conversation window with Kanoa first.

@bB!£: Hiya
Cherries!: Hi!!! please change ur name, itz annoying me
@bB!£: ok
Your Friend: this better??
Cherries!: thats so cool! it reads 'your friend says'

I then open a conversation with Sarah

Your Friend: Hiya!!!
Sarah.x: Hiya

Then it gets really hard to talk because I'm getting loads of messages at the same time. I put them in the same convo and add Roxane and Lia to it. And I close the other convo boxes.

Your Friend: Hello??
Roxy: Hey
Cherries!: Hi!!!
Pricipessa: ciao
Cherries!: Hi, howa u?
Your Friend: Fine u??
Principessa: ok
Roxy: gdgd
Cherries!: im alright. thnx
Your Friend: Sarah??
Cherries!: u there sarah?
Your Friend: Saaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?? Hellooooooooooooo??
Your Friend just sent you a nudge

Then I get a message from Kanoa in a different window.

Cherries!: do u like me?
Your Friend: of coarse i like you!!!!!
Cherries!: r u sure?
Your Friend: KANOA!!! wat r u on about??
Cherries!: nothing. i just heard a rumour
Your Friend: a rumor??
Cherries!: yeh. uhhhmm... sarah told me
Your Friend: sarah??
Cherries!: yeh. she sed that she heard that u dont like me n that u wanna be her frend n not mine
Your Friend: she's lying

And the convo ends and Kanoa goes back to the main one. Sarah joins in too. Hmm... There's something going on. After what we've been through, Sarah would never make up a lie like that. But there is definitely something going on and I'm gonna find out what it is.

The End

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