Jake: Over reaction, much?!Mature

She is so crazy.

But I love it.

"Uh.. Okay?" I said, grabbing her hand. We sprinted through the field after the girls. "So.. What exactly are they doing?"

"Stalking us," she murmured.

"Okay then.." It wasn't long before we caught up with them. Anna put on a fuming face.

"What the hell, guys?!" She shrieked violently. "Can't I have some privacy?!" She continued to screech.

"Woahhh, Anna. We didn't mean to upset you," Zoe said, nudging her glasses up.

"Sure as hell you didn-BAHAHAHAHAH!" Anna couldn't put on the facade anymore and she burst out into fits of laughter. Hannah peered at her.

"Aw, damn!" Hannah moaned. "We fell for it!" She sulked playfully, throwing her arms around. I wove my arm around Anna again and laughed. The girls' eyes widened at the movement, just as I had intended. Haha, this oughta be HILARIOUS. I turned Anna's face towards mine and crushed our lips together. She flushed bright red but then flung her arms round my neck. After a minute, I had to pull away. I think Hannah was choking. She thrust herself towards the grassy ground and fluttered her eyelids dramatically.

"You..kissed..him..in front..of..us!!!!!" She screamed. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!" She pulled herself up and hugged Anna.

"That's a bit of an over reaction," I whispered to Heather. She chuckled at Hannah.

"Nah, that's just normal girls, Jake. Better get used to that." She patted my shoulder and walked towards Zoe, still snickering under her breath. I rolled my eyes as I leaned against a tree, folding my arms over my chest. Yes, I thought to myself. I guess I'll have to get used to it. I grinned.

The End

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