Lia; Gosh these English girls are so... erm strange.Mature

I pull my dark brown wavy hair back into my favorite style; Two peices either side pulled back. I sigh and think of the girls at my new school. They are very strange and seem to love throwing liquids over each other like its going out of fasion. I smile to myself as i remember the time when one threw called sarah( or liqiud chucker) acid over Abbie then gave her a hug! i meen what was  that about? 

I pick up my clarrinet and walk down the stairs looking in the boby lenghth mirror as I pass. I'm wearing my red with small black dots on blouse and black jeans and i have  eyeliner and bronze eyeshadow on. My mum is at the bottem of the stairs searching through her bag for her keys as always flustered and in a rush.

This is my first practice with my first band in England. I've played the clarrinet sinse i was 6 and am on grade 6. I also play the voilin but i'm only on grade 4 with that so i thought i should join this orchestra playing the old clarrinet in the battered case at my side.

The practice hall was large and more lavish than any of the ones had been in Italy. There was at least thirty people sitting around a tall posh looking man who I supposed must be the conductor.

"Hello i'm macey."

The End

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