Anna: there's slobber in my hair, yaaay!Mature

It is amazing how fancying somebody changes your perspective on everything. Like back then in the head's office, I would have been waaay more scared if it weren't for Jake. Mainly because he did all the talking and smoothy smooth people tend to be good at this. I've tried but I seem to drift a little after a while....yes so anyway. And right now, when he is kissing the top of my head, I don't mind at all. If he weren't my boyfriend, I'd be all, eww there's slobber in my hair. But because it's Jake, in my head I'm happily thinking, yaay, there's slobber in my hair!

Now I know what Frankie Goes To Hollywood were on about in 'The Power of Love'.

We went to sit at lunch when I saw them, walking along from french. The four telling-everyone-everything-about-our-business-generally-rubbish-at-spywork spies. Moustaches donned and jacket collars turned up. Even, they were seriously into stalking us. I acted instinctively, by jumping behind the nearest thing I could find...which was a bush.

'What are you do-arggh!' I cut Jake off by grabbing him by the trouser leg and yanking him behind said bush too. He looked at me as if I had gone mad. Mad...but he's still going out with me. Look who gets the last laugh, hahahaha...That's me who gets the last laugh, by the way. Jake was getting the last very confused expression. 'Is hiding behind bushes a habit of yours?'

'No, keep your voice down,' I whispered, peering through the branches. 'The stalkers are on the prowl, and all I can see is a bird's nest...'

'Is that what you wear the moustaches for?'

'Yehh....wait, where are they now?' I tried to see through the bush but they are pretty leafy. And full of nests. 'Oh what did the head say?'

'Urgh...don't worry. He let me go for now. No doubt there'll be detention to come but...'

'I'm sorry,' I clenched my teeth, then gave Jake a winning smile. He smiled back. Hahaharr, he cannot give in to my charm. Smooooth. Oh what what what? I think we're doing the leany leany thing again. My goodness, I have no restraint. I just start puckering up. Shush lips! Ah well, what's the worst that could happen?

'OOOOOOOH!' We turned to see four moustached stalkers running into the distance. I rolled up my sleeves, then put them down because my arms were too cold in this weather. 'We need to sort these terrible spy detectives out. I mean, they can't even stalk properly.' I stood up. 'Oooh we'll sort them out as soon as I get past this headrush.' I held a hand out to Jake and grinned. 'You with me?'

The End

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