Jake: No detention for me!Mature

When Anna had finished blabbering about Sir not going through to the next round, he began talking again.

"And why do you think it is okay to kiss in the middle of a classroom?" The question was meant for both of us, but it was directed at me.

"'Cause it weren't gonna happen anywhere else." Anna sunk into her chair. "Listen.. Sir. Don't blame Anna for this. It wasn't her fault. Let her go to lunch or whatever." I eyed him carefully. "She didn't even lean in back to kiss me." I lied smoothly.

"Very well then," He said gruffly. "Off you go Anna." Her eyes traced back to me as she bit her lip.

"Darnit," She mumbled. "Thanks, Jake." She whispered, and kissed me on the cheek. She flew out the door as I smiled after her. The principal stared at me with threatening eyes.

"Okay.. So I almost kissed a girl in a lesson."

"Yes, that seems to be correct."

"Aw, come on, man! At least I didn't pour acid over somebody." I had heard the stories from the younger years. Some girls can be total bitches. He hesitated and then spoke quietly.


"Woah woah woah woah wait. I thought I made sure my Mom told everybody to call me Jake?!" I hated it when people used my full name. He sighed and shook his head.

"Jake, then. I wasn't going to expell you but any more of this and-"

"Thanks!" I jumped up, interrupting him. I punched him lightly on the shoulder and ran out the door. I think I just bought myself a weeks lunchtime. My guess was he would have gave me detention, but no way will he come after me now. I spotted Anna's silky hair fly behind a corner.

"Hey, Anna!" I shouted after her, not caring if I just disturbed a phone call in reception. "Wait up!" Her face peered round the wall and she grinned when she saw me. I ran towards her, embracing her in my arms when she got to me. I wove one arm round her back and around her waist as we walked, kissing the top of her head, my lips pressing against her hair.

The End

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