Sarah: Texting/ KUCHANGANYIKIWAMature

KUCHANGANYIKIWA!!!! (Which, by the way, is 'frustration' in Swahili). Why isn't Abbie here? She said she'd wait for me. I mean, even though we I just found out that we're not actually allowed to see each other. She should still come. I text her

y r u not here???

not allowd    

she texts back. I ask Sir if I'm allowed to go.

"No. You are not. You will be having lunch after Abbie" he says. Damn. Damn damn damn. I text her again.

where r u???

where u think?? :P

oh. u wiv kanoa n roxane???

ye. n lia.




hehe. finished now. tell mr headteacher.

I tell the Head and he lets me go. How can he be so stupid? I could be lying, Abbie could be lying. When I walk out the door, I see that she's not. She walks past with the others. They're laughing. Nobody notices me there except Kanoa. She smiles at me. I swear it looks evil. I know she doesn't mean it to. Still, I can't help not liking her. And I can't be friends with her, it would annoy me too much. And I know that Abbie wants to be friends with us both. And Kanoa wants to be friends with me too... I think. I have to find a way to get Abbie to be my friend and not Kanoa's. Not like last time, because trying to drive Abbie away from her came out worse for me. And so did humiliating Abbie. No, this time, I'm gonna have to try and drive Kanoa away from Abbie. How is the problem. It's not gonna be easy.

The End

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