Abbie: LunchMature

I struggle over the science question. I hate chemistry. And not only because it brings back bad memories. Well, a particular bad memory. But because it's one of the only subjects I struggle on.


"You may leave for lunch and then you must come straight back. Sarah will be having luch when you get back" Ms Hollenbeck tells me. I nod and give her my sheet of answers. Then I grab my bag and rush to my science classroom. Keela, Roxane and Lia are inside, clearing up the remains of their experiment. Sir gives me a look that tells me I have to wait outside. Five minutes later, Keela rushes out and hugs me tightly.

"Yeah, I'm glad to see you too. Now, please get off so I can breathe again" I laugh. Keela lets go and I gasp in dramatically. She laughs. Roxane hugs me lightly. Lia looks really confused.Sono state ritirate

"Where have you been?" she asks in her lovely Italian accent.

"I've been withdrawn" I say. She looks confused. She probably doesn't know what I mean by 'withdrawn'. "Sono state ritirate" I say

"Ahh. But why?" she asks.

"Long story" I say.She nods as if she thinks that the lecture on the experiment they'd been given by Sir had been hard enough to understand and she would rather not hear a long story. I mean, I normally can't understand half of it because he starts getting all scientific. Then we all rush to the lunch hall just in ime to get seats together before it fills up.

The End

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