Anna: what is wrong about not concentrating?Mature

Ok, this has to be a dream. Right? Because Jake and I are sitting in the head's office and we haven't even done anything wrong. I had definitely not done anything wrong. Ok, so I was doodling instead of actually doing the work on whatever it was. I can't remember. It wasn't vectors...oh I don't know I probably already knew what it is. The teachers have to admit, I'm cheeky but that's only after I've done all the work. Ergo no lectures. Sneaky, non? Like a detective spy. And I remember a whole double maths once where Thea just drew a cat and nobody told her off. I even made little notes for her because at the end of the day it is more likely that notes from your besty friend will help you pass maths GCSE more than a cat. It was ginger. Meow.

Oh wait crap he's been talking now for a very long time and I've been thinking of a picture of Thea's cat (he's called Morris and-Arggh concentrate!). My thoughts are too distracting, to the point that I can see that both of them are talking but I can't actually tell what they are saying because I have tuned out. Blah blah blah not paying attention blah blah blah unfair punishment. Something along those lines. I am a bit annoyed to be honest that we've been told off. And sent to the head. All we were doing was not concentrating. What is wrong about that? Seriously?

Oh now Jake is getting heated. I want to be worried but there's a rather large part of my brain just thinking 'mmmm'. Maybe I have taken the Alexandra Burke route. By choosing a "bad boy", by the way,  not winning the X Factor. I mean, maybe if I tried...

'And how do you feel about this Anna?' The head's boomy voice cut through my thirty-second long dream of being on the X Factor.

'Hmm?' I started and tried to put on my concerned face. 'Well, I think you were good but I don't think I can put you through to the next round, sir.'

'What?' Boom boom boom.

'What?' Oh wait even Jake was confused. I thought it made perfectly good sen-Ohhhhh.

'Oh, sorry' I quickly start again. 'I said something else out loud, whoops.'

The End

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