Anna: you are only going to increase the spongeyness!Mature

I hit Zoe and Hannah over the heads with my pencilcase. They both 'ow'ed which I think is a bit extreme because I have hit myself over the head accidentally many times with that same pencilcase and it is rather mild compared to, elephant?

'Guys seriously! It's probably enough hassle that EVERYONE knows, but now EVERYONE knows! He is probably going to start thinking of Spongebob curses! You are only going to increase the spongeyness! I don't want to date a sponge!'

'I'm sorry Anna,' Thea hugged me which I appreciated as this hid me from the immature other guys who had heard about our little "primark" (I quite like that code. I much better word than "snog"). 'I didn't mean to turn your boyfriend spongey'

'It's Ok' I sighed. The "primark" had been pretty good but the quality was rather undermined by the whole teasing throughout school thing. 'Jake The New Dude With Whom I Had A "Primark" is smoothy smooth, he can handle it.'

I hope. Really, sponges aren't attractive. They are funny though. Heeheehee.

The End

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