Jake: Now I feel like spongebob.Mature

Gahhh!! I slyly hid my face behind something - I was too preoccupied in keeping myself hidden to even realise what it was - and continued to hurry through the coridoor.

Well, that didn't help.

It reminded me of when I was like, four years old. I would squeeze my eyes shut and think that nobody could see me, because I couldn't see them.

I wish that worked.

Because, in my peripheral vision, a few boys in my year (immature idiots) deliberately waited until I was near them. They stuck their lips out in a pouting position, and started moving them in the air.

"Kissy kissy," One snickered. I nearly punched him in the face right there, what the hey, getting expelled would solve all my problems now (no sarcasm intended, although it sounded like it should be..but it's NOT, because I am serious.)

"Shut up," I muttered loud enough for him to hear. I slid past him and rushed off to my next class, spotting all of Anna's friends in a big huddle. Crap, crap, CRAP! I said in my mind, clutching the thing I was holding to protect me even harder, as if that would somehow shield me further.

"Well, well well.." Zoe whispered, nudging her glasses up. Wildness glinted in Hannah's eyes as she eyed me.

I realised I had my next class with them.

Oh, mother of pearl. (Now I feel like spongebob.)

The End

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