Heather: I hate/love you for thatMature

I sit quietly waiting for the storm to come. "I hate you" I look up at Jake and smile over my book. I slip in the book mark and put it down.

"You hate me for getting Anna to kiss you?"

"No, I love you for that even though it was cheeky and deseitful but.... HOW DARE YOU TELL ALMOST EVERYONE?"

"Quite easily actually. I texted Thea and didn't to do anything else...... you did kind of abandon me after" I point out.

He blushes and slumps into the seat next to me. I pat his back.

"There, there brother Jake" I say smiling.

"You really are like an annoying little sister since when did you get all brave" he mutters.

"I told you once I settle I become braver..... I settled quite quickly" I say calmly.

"You really are a pain" he mutters.

"No, I'm not I'm just like you said you're annoying best friend that acts like your sister........ Your life would be boring without"

"I know from experience it was more peaceful" He says standing up then walking of.

"See ya" I call and he waves half heartedly. And the storm has passed.

The End

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