Anna: since when did "primark" become code?Mature

I sat down the next day at school, and starting taking out my stuff for lessons, counting the time under my breath until I got pounced on.


'Tell us everything!' Hannah was first to break, and beamed at me expectantly. I turned to my other side to be met by Zoe's equally stupid facial expression (well it wasn't stupid, I had looked like that after I had come back from shopping, even though I hadn't actually bought anything).

'Well, Anna? You know you want to tell us what happened in "Primark"'

'Sorry, what? Primark-it's a shop, people generally shop there, it is well known for being cheap in price?'

'Oh come off it' Hannah narrowed her eyes, whilst still grinning. I should warn her that is a really scary look-if she were to use that on a Twin they would sadly run a mile as evil is not usually that attractive. 'You know we know it was more than shopping. It was "primark".'


Thea suddenly came down on my school bag from the front. The other two jumped slightly before returning to their Spanish Inquisition poses. 'Heard about "primark"! You sly thing you Anna!'

'Guys!' I looked at them all in surprise, and waved my arms about to emphasise my point. 'Since when did "primark" become code for something which clearly I have not been informed about?' (of course I knew what they were referring to. But was I going to give in? NEVER!-and that is why I would make a great detective spy)

'Since you and Jake had the whole snogfest there!' Thea yelled, before covering her mouth. I gave her my best "what the actual hell are you doing yelling really loudly do you want everyone in China to hear?" look (I don't know why I wouldn't want China to know. Chinese people are very amiable-my mum's best friend is Chinese and she used to bring me presents when I was young-sorry. Going off the point) 'Yehh...' Thea sank down to our crouched level (they were crouching, I was sitting. You know who won there) 'Well Heather  kindof texted me and then I MSNed Hannah who rang Zoe and so yeah. We all know! And we all think it's fab and-'

'And we will not leave you two alone in maths this afternoon!' Hannah giggled.

The End

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