Sarah: CheatMature

I sit in the Head's office, puzzling over which musical scale goes: A, B, C natural, D, E, F natural, G#, A. It sounds like something Egyptian. Ugh. Music isn't one of my favourite subjects. Me and Abbie have been helping each other. Well, she's been helping me and I've been agreeing on the answers to her science questions. We've been doing this through text. I decide to text her, again, about this question.

jus tell me wat scale goes A B C nat. D E F nat. G sharp n sounds egyptian. I ask after not registering her clue of 'its not B C D E F or G minor' properly. I just think it's useless. What's the point in telling me what scale it's not. She texts back almost immediately.

its A minor u idiot :P

Oh, right, of coarse. I knew that. I hide my phone as the Head comes past to inspect what I've done. I quickly scribble down  A minor under the diagonal line of notes. Sometimes, it helps to cheat.

The End

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