Love? Bring it on!Mature

The school secretary answers the phone and looks over at the two people sitting silently side by side in the waiting room. “Ms Bishop? Mr           The head will see you now” Emma Bishop immediately stands up, her fabric swishing and her six inch heels clicking on the wooden floor. Before entering she darts a quick glance back at the man who hasn’t moved and then enters the room.

 Pete  Adamson (Sarah’s Dad), who had no idea that he was sitting next to Abbie's mum, instantly takes in the shoes, the tights (stockings?) the outfit, the hips, the waist, the back, the stride, the scent, the glance, the profile, the woman. The woooman! It was as if her sudden movement had cast a spell over him. He sits there not moving, eyes fixed to the spot where he last saw her. Entranced, his mouth slightly open, (a bit of dribble about to fall from his lips), totally unaware of his surroundings, as if hypnotised, as if moving, (even breathing,) would somehow break the spell.

 Slowly he becomes aware of a voice intoning his name Mr Adamson? Mr Adamson? are you ok? The head needs to see you as well. It’s the secretary. He snaps to awareness with an Uh! sound. He is confused, “sorry, uh, no, yes, what was that, who? what…”

 “The head wants to see both your self and Ms Bishop together repeats the secretary. “Yes of course” mumbles Pete. Realising his mouth has gone totally dry he walks to the water fountain and quickly downs two cups of water. “Pete, Fix-Up!” he admonishes himself as he walks over to the door

 Emma Bishop is wearing a smart Karen Millen skirt and jacket ensemble. She purposely wore her heels to give herself extra confidence. She felt uncomfortable talking to teachers at the best of time but this time she felt she had to do something to stop her daughter from martyring herself over some weird sense of warped loyalty. And she felt it was her duty to let the school know what was really going on.

 Pete enters the room, nods at her and the headmaster, and takes the proffered seat. Before the headmaster could open his mouth to make introductions, Emma immediately took advantage of Pete’s seemingly dazed appearance “Right, Mr Sarah’s Dad” said Emma Bishop in a sarky ‘I’m just being reasonable kind of voice’. “Nice of you to join us. First of all can you explain to myself and the headmaster what type of father allows his daughter to pour acid all over her supposedly best friend, Abbie, who also happens to be my daughter and why I shouldn’t go to the police right now and get her locked up and institutionalised….?

 He takes a deep breath locks eyes with Emma and doesn’t even attempt to hide the smile that seems to come from his soul. He realises that he has fallen deep down head over heals irreconcilably IN LOVE (so this is how it feels!)  and that from this moment on life would never ever be the same again. He has one thought in his head. Right or wrong……Bring it on!



The End

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