Sarah: HmmMature

I'm sitting on the sofa, flicking pointlessly through the channels. I'm into the 200s when Zoe walks in. She looks better than she did, the hint if a smile on her lips. Lucky her.

"Sarah?" she asks

"Hmm?" I respond

"You OK?"

"Hmm" I say again. She sits on the sofa next to me. 

"You'e not looking for anything are you?"

"Hmm" I say again. Zoe just watches as the grey buzzy channels go into the 3oos.

"Stop!" she suddenly shouts.


"Friends! Go back!" she exclaims. I sigh and turn the channel back to the random working channel of 313. 

"You do like Friends don't you?"

"Hmm" I sigh.

The End

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