Jake: QuietMature

I made myself sound serious to set her up. I guess I am crap with the love thing. Humor is, in fact, in everything. Sometimes.

"What's this, huh? Klutz," I snickered, pointing to the small mess of chocolate on her white shirt. I saw her face turning red. Unthinkingly, I moved my finger up so it lifted her chin and she was looking at me. Surprisingly, the redness from her face faded and a smile that lifted the edges of her crimson lips made my heart shatter. She quietly lifted her hand, pulled my hand from her face and replaced it with hers, so we were holding hands. My free hand instinctively reached up and stroked her smooth hair.

"This is nice," I murmured into her ear. The loud buzz from primark was annoying, so I unfastened our position and led her outside into a quiet, empty area. I held her to my chest, the only sound was the quiet flutter of our heartbeats. Actually; saying they're quiet, they're obviously really loud because I can hear them.

"Jake.." She began in a whisper.

"Mmm?" I mumbled, my tanned cheek resting against her head.

The End

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