Anna: soooooooooooooooooo.Mature

Heather skipped off to the tills to get her coat and I smiled at Jake, who had just mumbled, 'but you didn't buy a necklace...'

He smiled back. 'So.'






We could have gone on like this all day, which I was dearly hoping would not happen because it was just a bit awkward and after a while the word "so" sounds really weird. I was just about to tell Jake The New Dude Whom I Fancy about how the word "so" sounds weird, when a bustling crowd of eleven year old girls stampeded through. I got an elbow in the back and stumbled forward, and thought I was going to fall flat on my face. But Jake caught me as my legs buckled. Which made my legs buckle a bit more. Because what just happened?

A romantic comedy film moment worthy of Hollywood, that's what happened. He'd just caught me. If we weren't in Primark we'd be in....oh I don't know. A really romantic ancient castle or something. I tried to laugh it off, and Jake caught on and we were giggling nervously. Somewhere my brain registered that Heather had been an awfully long time, but my heart was like "shut up brain you logical fool" (hahaha, logical fool. I surprise myself with my wit sometimes). Jake pushed me back up and I shoved my bag back into place.


'It's alright.'

Oh crap now we were having a one-or-two word conversation!! Must save my love. Must come up with witty phrase or anecdote. Or just a joke. A joke. What amuses you Anna? Think carefully.

'So..the other day Hannah was checking her eyebrows...' SERIOUSLY? Eyebrows? You thought of humourous things and Hannah's eyebrows came into your head? Could've been "why did the chicken cross the road?", could've been "did you finish the maths homework?", but you chose Eyebrows.

'...and, erm. Wait, that isn't funny. Also you're not meant to know about Hannah's eyebrows because she would freak if somebody out of our group found-'

'Anna?' Jake looked straight at me. Gosh I liked his eyes. They were very easy to stare at. Mmmmmmmmmm.....Oh Anna? You haven't replied yet.


The End

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