Heather: ClothesMature

"Oh, there you are Anna" I say turning to her.

"Sorry I'm little late it's hard to find people IN Primark" she says waving her arms wide.

"Well, sorry I should of waited.... if fact Jake's pretty angry"

"Why?" Anna asks looking confused.

"She tried to put me in this" he says holding up the long coat that stops at the knees.

"Oh my god that's so cool" Anna shouts people looking as her as they walk by.

"And Heather once again wins" I say mockingly bowing. Jake sighs.

"Time to find the clothes to go with it" I say elbowing Anna.

"To the shirt section" she says then we head towards it.

"I hate you" Jake hisses in my ear.

"No you don't...... do boys hate their friends for helping their love life?" I watch him blush and just smile. "Shoot"

I stop and they take antoher step before turning to face me. "I left my coat at the counter when I was buying a necklace.... you guys go ahead" Then I turn and head off.

Okay maybe I'm being slightly cheeky today.

The End

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