Anna: ok right ok right? ok.Mature

We sat round the table with our hot chocolate moustaches (and a latte moustache for Hannah, because according to her that is what musicians drink). Zoe seemed a lot better-I was glad because Zoe is usually the one who keeps it all together while we're upset. And if she's upset...oh boy...

'So what happened to Sarah?' I asked. She had said before but it's hard to decipher words with sobs in the middle of them.

'Well...I think she's been expelled. But if she has that means her friend has now.'

'WHAT?' We all cried. Well, Hannah and I cried. Thea kindof already knew so she put a 'Oh no!' in there for good measure.

'I know!' Zoe took another sip. 'Her friend make some rubbishy lie about asking Sarah to throw acid on her. But who the HELL, throws acid?'

We all nodded sympathetically. 'That was really nice of her friend though.' Thea said.

'Yeh...but also really unbelievable.' Hannah pointed out, to which we nodded and slurped. 'No wonder they both got expelled...where are they going to go now?'

'I have no idea,' Zoe swirled her hot chocolate about in her mug and we all leaned back for fear of getting hot chocolate stains on our tops (I did NOT want Jake thinking I was incapable of drinking stuff without slopping down my front. I mean, maybe I did when I was ten-Ok, twelve-but not any more. Because it's just not attractive.) 'But I know my parents will want to put Sarah into therapy.'

I glanced at my watch mid-slurp. 'Ohh,' I quickly guzzled down my drink and the others leaned back for fear of....well I'm not sure. My hot chocolate-guzzling is evidently not a reassuring thing to watch. 'I'm sorry, Zoe, I've got to go.'

Zoe's eyes glinted. 'Ohhh. I know where you're going.

'Where's she going?' Hannah cocked her head to one side like a puppy-she was clearly confused.

'I know.' Thea and Zoe exchanged glances and Hannah was still looking to all of us, going, 'What? What do we know?'

I took a breath as I stood up and adjusted my jacket. 'Look guys, I'd rather we didn't-'

'Anna's going with Heather and Jake The New Dude shopping because she lurrrrrrves him' Thea blurted, and covered her mouth. I stood shocked. Zoe was giggling at my expression. Hannah opened her mouth as if to say 'WOW' but the actual 'WOW' didn't come out.

'WOW!!' Oh, it did come out. Hannah beamed at us all. 'Anna likes Jake The New Hot Dude? SWEET!'

'Yes, I fancy Jake The New Dude Whom I Fancy. OK? Right? Ok? Right? Ok.' And I grabbed my bag and went to town, a little flustered but still happy.

The End

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