Jake: I gotta get better at trying to 'make conversation'.Mature

Heather grabbed my hand and towed me out of the room. I groaned deeply, cursing under my breath. I saw her jet black hair fly backwards in the sudden gust of wind.

"Where are we going again?" I muttered, trying to make conversation.

"Out," She mumbled back. My plan to make conversation? UH-UH. Not working.

"So, has Anna said anything?" It slipped out my mouth! Dammit! She turned her head towards me.


We turned into the bustling streets of the town, and I saw Heather's feet change direction towards a big sign, reading; 'Primark.' People flooded out at half the speed they pushed themselves in. How in the world do they all fit in there?! I groaned again and Heather shot a glare at me.

"What?" I said, louder this time. She shook her head.

"Nothing." She smiled a crooked smile. A boy, no older than 13, shoved into Heather as he walked past. Her smile fell and her eyebrows moved together as she ambled toward him. I followed her.

"Oi." She shouted. His head snapped round and I slid in front of Heather.

"What d'you think you're doing, eh?" I whispered under my breath. He could hear me. I towered over him, my muscles bulging.

"Woah, back off." He murmured, then legged it away from us. Heather glanced evilly at me again.

"What?!" I said, with more force than before.

"Should've let me do that. I can handle things, Jake." I rolled my eyes dramatically.

"Heather, he wouldnt've been scared of you."

"You haven't seen me when I'm angry," She mumbled, her head drifting to the side.

A grin broke out on my tanned face as I snickered.

The End

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