Abbie: Just One Thing to Sort OutMature

It's the end of school and we're sitting around Sarah's kitchen table. I can't believe her mum even let me and Kanoa in.

"So, you two are friends now?" Kanoa demands softly. I can tell she's trying not to set me off crying again. I don't blame her. "I mean, I don't get it. One minute you're worst enemies, next you're hugging"

"What's not to get? She saved me" Sarah snaps at her. I put my hand on her arm.

"Sarah, don't" I say quietly. "Isn't it bad enough already? You'd be confused too"

"I guess" but she eyes Kanoa cautiously. I can see that this particular friendship isn't going to be a very strong one.

"But what exactly did you do?" Roxane asks. That caught me off guard. I take a deep breath.

"I lied" I sigh sadly. I absently wander what Lia thinks of all this. She only got to say goodbye before her mum unleashed a torrent of questions about her first day of school on her. And it was in Italian so she must have been excited.

"You. Lied" Kanoa mouths. I nod.

"I lied to save her. It was the only option. At least I got into trouble too"

"What did you say?" Kanoa eyes Sarah suspiciously, as if she made me do it.

"I said that-" I have to stop so I wont start crying again. Sarah asks me if she wants her to tell and I nod.

"She said that she told me to do it. We both got internally excluded" She mutters the last part. Roxane and Kanoa stare at me, surprised. I ignore them and change the subject slightly.

"So, since I'm friends with Sarah now, and also friends with Kanoa and Roxane. Are you prepared to at least try to be nice to each other so that this doesn't happen again?"

The End

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