Anna: can we get a shoppingcheck?Mature

I came back to Heather and Jake with my bag ready to go shopping. Hannah was still smoothing her eyebrows and applying lipgloss in her seat. Obviously she had set her mind of the other Twin-and once Hannah has set her mind on something we all know she will get it. I giggled as I wondered whether Other Twin knew what he was getting himself into, and then stopped because I didn't want to look like I was giggling at nothing, because I wasn't but it was a giggle at my own musings in my brain, maybe I could say it out loud and then giggle no wait No because then I'd have to backtrack and explain and that's not attractive.

Saved by the bell. Well, buzz. Well, text message alert.

Anna come quick and bring Han. Zoe is pretty upset about this whole acid thing. We need emergency hot chocolate meeting. Thee xx

I turned to Heather. 'I'm soo sorry, but Zoe is really upset. It's her sister-she's gone a bit psycho.' Hannah has stopped her glossing and was looking confused. Why, why did this have to happen now? Poor Zoe... 'Can we get a raincheck on the shopping? ...A shoppingcheck? That's not a real word is it...' Oh gosh now I'm rambling, and not like a hearty country walk. 'Erm. We'll probably only be half an hour-you two make a start on the shopping and then I'll meet you, alright?'

'That's fine.' Heather nodded. 'I'll choose Jake some outfits and then you can come and give a verdict. Give Zoe my regards.' They walked off.

I hitched my bag and Hannah and I set off towards the cafe.

The End

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