Sarah: ForgivenessMature

What the heck is Abbie doing here? Hasn't she done enough already? She stands, her back pressed against the wall. She looks terrible: her face is stained with tears that are still trickling down it. Her arms are bandaged from her wrists to her elbows. Oh no. The acid can't have been that bad... can it? Evidently I look worse than she does because when she sees me a fresh stream of tears start making their way down her face and she put her head against the wall. The Head asks where Zoe is.

"She's standing outside your office, waiting for Sarah to come out" Abbie tells him quietly. How can she be so calm? Zoe's shoved into the room and her and Abbie sit next to each other on the opposite side of the room to me. Then Sir starts yelling at them worse than he yelled at me. For God's sake! What've they done? I'm the one dousing people with acid! Yell at me again!

"From what I've gathered, it's all Sarah's fault. She'll have to be expelled" he finally finishes, his voice quiet with stress. Zoe and Abbie's heads snap up at exactly the same time.

"No! Wait! It isn't all Sarah's fault" Abbie exclaims sadly. It isn't?

"Isn't it?" sir asks, completely confused

"No, it's not. I... told her to do it. We'd been arguing for ages. I'd just been really mean to her and we were already really angry at each other. I-I said that if she wanted something that would give her attention, then she should pour acid on me. So she did" Abbie hangs her head. She just lied. Badly. Just to save me? Zoe stares at her, wide eyed. I'm dazed as Sir internally excludes us, so that we have to go to school but we cant do work in class. We have to be separated. Zoe goes free. When we get outside the office, Kanoa, Roxane and Thea are there. Zoe mechanically sits on one of the chairs in the waiting room, just as dazed as I am. Thea goes over and comforts her. I've stopped crying, but Abbie's crying more than ever. Probably from the huge lie she just told, and the consequence. I turn to her.

"I'm sorry" I whisper. She just nods. I hug her and she hugs me back. When we turn, still holding hands, Kanoa and Roxane just stare at us, mouths hanging open.

The End

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