Abbie: Save SarahMature

I have some sort of soothing cream on al up my arms and on my front. And there are bandages all the way up my arms from my wrists to my elbows in case anything brushes it. Coz even the lightest touch makes it sting madly. It all looks worse than it actually is. Plus, I've heard that Sarah might get expelled. And it's all my fault. I mean, I know we're meant to be enemies and everything, but I never wanted her to get expelled! I sit in a trance, picking my muffin til it's reduced to crumbs.

"Abbie?" Roxane shakes me gently. "Abbie, are you OK? You're crying..."

"Am I?" I wipe the tears away pointlessly, coz I'm still crying. Kanoa puts her arm around me. Lia's gone somewhere with the teacher who help foreign students.

"It's OK" Kanoa says kindly.

"But it's not though! Sarah's going to get expelled and it's all my fault!" I sob. I need to male friends with Sarah again. But that would mean I can't be friends with Roxane, and Kanoa, and Lia any more! I'm so confused. I suddenly get up.

"Where are you going?" Kanoa and Roxane ask at the same time.

"I'm going to rescue Sarah"

"Then I'll come with you" Kanoa says determindly.

"Me too" Roxane says. They follow me to the Head's office. We get there at the same time as Zoe and Thea. At least I think it's Thea.

"Abbie!" Zoe exclaims, shoving her glasses up her nose. "Are you OK?" she looks at the bandages on my arm.

"I'm fine" I say and go to the reception office. "Is it possible to see the Head?"


"Please?" I plead.


"But it's important!" I plead again, a fresh stream of tears trickling down my face.

"OK.I'll see if he's available" she says as if she doesn't know what's going on. She's gone for a few minutes and then she comes back. The Head comes out if his office, a look of death on his face.

"You're Abbie then?" He notices the bandages on my arms. "Come in, I need to talk to you. He yanks me into the office and slams the door. Sarah's sitting in one of the chairs, she's in a worse state than I am and she looks terrified. "OK. Before I start, does anyone know where her sister is?"

"She's standing outside your office, waiting for Sarah to come out" I say quietly. The Headmaster goes out for a second, and comes back with Zoe. He shoves her into the small room and slams the door. Me and Zoe sit down two of the three remaining chairs and then Sir starts yelling questions at us. Saving Sarahb is gonna be harder than I thought

The End

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