Heather: AcidMature

"Acid" I shouted they all jumped and I blushed slightly.

"What are you on about?" Anna asks.

"Sarah, she poured acid on Abbie" I say. Jake walks up behind me after being dragged through half the school.

"My wrist" he mutter rudding it.

"Sorry" I mumble.

"But Why?" Zoe gasps.

"She's been bullying Abbie since they split being best friends, fake punch, trying to steal friends big note on trying and then today" I fall into the chair tired

"I'm going to find her" Zoe mutters. "Thea can you come?"

"Sure girl" They leave.

"I don't understand" Hannah says shaking her head. "Why would she pour acid on her?"

"Pay back for chosing Kanoa over her" I say resting forward on the table. "Either of you want to go shopping. I'm dragging Jake along so I can get him some proper clothes"

I flick a glance at Anna smiling.

"I'm bizzy" Hannah mutter pouting.

"I'll come" Anna mutter. Plan one in action.

The End

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