Anna: ohhhhh that's not good.Mature

We are sitting at lunch, and I am having a sandwich with cheese and tomato and a bit of pickle and no wait. Sorry, not Jake. I am not having a Jake sandwich. Yuck. Although he probably would taste smoothy smooth..Oh gosh. I'm imagining what Jake the New Dude Whom I Fancy would taste like.

'I don't want to eat him!'

Thea is now looking at me weirdly because I yelled that last bit out loud, scaring some passing year sevens in the process. 'Anna, I think you are doing that thing where you say things out loud again.' I could tell she was going to ask me about whatever I was yelling about when her phone buzzed loudly. She looked at it and her face lit up. 'EE THE TWINS TEXTED!'

'Ooh,' Hannah grabbed Thea's phone and started pressing buttons in a fury until she found a photo of the elusive "the twins". 'Oooh they are niiiice! Which one don't you fancy? Can I meet them? We could all go to the cinema together...OMGOSH THEA WE COULD DOUBLE DATE!'

'Hannah!' we laughed but I also saw the chance to do some sneaky work (I would make a brilliant detective/spy, it has to be said).  'I thought you still liked Jake.' (hahaha, do you see the brilliantness of my plan? a fox)

'Oh, well...' Hannah stroked her eyebrows (now growing back) in concentration. 'Well he's nice to look at in maths, but I don't think we would make a good couple. Because you know I really like music..'

'You don't like music.'

'But I dooo....The Twins play in Eden's band don't they?' Oh I see what she's doing. It seems Hannah is as sneaky as I. But on the other hand...

Yes yesssity yess! Hannah didn't properly fancy Jake the New Dude Smoothy Smooth Whom I Fancy! Just then as I was doing a mental Yes Yessity Yess dance Zoe came over, going crazy with the glasses. Adjust, readjust, flippy up, flippy down. That was usually a sign of agitation. 'Zoe-what's wrong?' Thea was there straight away, leading Zoe to our table.

'It's Sarah,' she sat down a little dazed. Aww. I wish I had an older sister sometimes. Being an only child can be an arsepain. 'She's been taken into the head's office, and I don't know why. But she'd still there and it's been like half an hour and I....I think she might be expelled.'

'But what could she do that would be that bad?' Hannah cocked her head to one side and we all followed suit, so we were all looking at each other confused and sideways.

'I don't know,' Zoe repeated, shifting her glasses (not out of agitation this time, just because the glasses were sliding off her face). 'But it seems serious with a capital S.'

The End

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