Sarah: Expelled?Mature

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU EFFING PSYCHO?!?!" Abbie's furious. The acid can't be that bad. I mean, I diluted it more than the others so that it wouldn't sting her too much. I don't really want to hurt her badly. I smile at her. Meanly.

"Serves you right" Obviously. Abbie basically bares her teeth and lunges for the kill. 

"YOU BITCH!!! YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH!!!" she screams at me. Who's the psycho now? But then Martin grabs her from behind. She struggles to get free. Then Mr Supply Teacher Man grabs me and drags me roughly out of the classroom.

"Someone get Abbie to the nurse" he orders as he drags me onto the corridor. Abbie demands to do it herself as I'm pulled into the science office. She runs past as Sir slams the door. She's crying, I don't think she realizes that.

"What the HELL do you think you are doing!?!?" Sir yells at me. I don't answer. "WELL?" he roars. "DO YOU THINK IT'S OK TO THROW ACID OVER SOMEONE?" All the other teachers in the office gasp. I shake my head. The head of the Science Department comes over.

"I'll take care of this" he looks at me menacingly. It gives a new meaning to the phrase 'if looks could kill'. He drags me out of the office by my arm. "Who?" he demands of me as we go in the direction of the Head Teacher's office.

"Abbie" I whimper.

"Abbie who?"

"Abbie Bishops" I feel so guilty as I say her name that I start crying. He pushed me into the Head's office. 

"Deal with her. She threw acid over Abbie Bishops." he says and leaves. The Head looks at me menacingly and I know he's going to expell me.

The End

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