Abbie: AcidMature

Science, I hate science. I mean, I'm in top set and everything, but I hate it. Roxane and Lia have  been put into set 1 with Kanoa and me. It's based on the levels they were at at they're previous school. At the moment, we're doing some sort of test to see if some sorta whatzi-ma-jig has a certain type of substance in it. We're using this really strong stuff, which can still burn you even if you dilute it. We're using it diluted, and we still have to wear these special gloves in case we spill it. Mr supply teacher has put me, Lia and Sarah in a group. Kanoa would also be in our group but she's not here yet for some reason. She went to the loo at break and didn't come back. How much bad luck can one person have? Anyway, Lia helped me dilute the acid. Me and Sarah have managed not to argue, yet. When we do argue, it doesn't last long. While me and Lia have got one of the mixtures to turn purple, one to fizz and one to evaporate, Sarah is bringing some more diluted acid to us. She's walking unbearably slowly.

"Come on Sarah. We need it now otherwise it wont be a fair test" I say. Then, without saying a word, Sarah deliberately throws the acid all over me. It soaks through my clothes and burns my skin painfully. It was also the biggest lot of the stuff we have to use. Most of it went on my hands so it soaked through the gloves too. I quickly take them off but that makes it worse. Everyone stops what they're doing to stare,

"Oops. Silly me" Sarah says smugly. I swear she's gone mad.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU EFFING PSYCHO!?!?" I scream at her as the acid burns the skin all up my arms and most of the skin on my front. She just smiles.

"Serves you right" she says simply. That does it. I lunge at her, ready to smash her stupid face.

"YOU B**CH!!! YOU STUPID EFFING B**CH!!!" I shriek. Except I don't say 'eff' this time, I say the word that 'eff' stands for. Someone stops me and holds me back. I struggle to get free from their grasp. The teacher comes and drags Sarah out of the classroom.

"Someone get Abbie to the nurse" he orders as he leaves. Whoever's holding me tries to lead me to the door but I shrug out f their grip. 

"I'll go myself!" I snap at them and stalk out of the classroom. I run to the nurses office. She knows what's happened straight away because my clothes are stained green with the acid.

"Go and wash as much of that off as possible and then come straight back her" she orders. I rush to the toilets and start splashing cold water on my arms and on my t-shirt. I look in the mirror above the sink and am not surprised to see Kanoa leaning against the wall through it. She must know what's happened because the expression on her face gives a new meaning to the phrase 'if looks could kill'.

"You know the nurse?" She says carefully, as if she's trying not to go upstairs and commit murder.

"Yes" I hiss.

"She's good friends with Sarah's mum. And to tell you the truth, I think Sarah's mum would like to know what's going on. You might earn a bit of respect from Zoe too" she grins. It makes her look evil, which is how I know the plan will work. I nod and go back to the nurse. Her eyes get wider and wider as I tell her the whole story. And the truth of it too.

The End

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