Anna: je worryMature

We are sitting at the back of french and usually I'm quite eager when it comes to languages but right now all I can think about is a certain person. Who called me on a certain phone. On a certain last night. And certain fancies me. And is causing a certain brain to go overload...see now certain looks really weird. Certain certain certain.

Jake Jake Jake.

I turned to Thea, 'Theeeeee. My brain is melting!' I hiss, as I stare at the jumble of francais on my page. They seem to be doing a little dance, and I am in the middle, and Jake is at the edge and he's walking away. Oh gosh I am now having halloucinations in which I get taken captive by french and he's there. 'I need help.'

Thea flicked her fringe at me and did a pout which for some reason makes her think she looks like a frenchy lady. 'En francais, mademoiselle.'

'Ok...alors, j'aime him tres tres much et je hope que he aimes me aussi. Because...'

'...parce que...' she corrected me.

'Parce que,' I pulled a face. 'je worry beaucoups. Je worry parce aue otherwise je will...erm...cry et etre triste. Aussi je worry parce que...Hannah!' I did my discreet attempt at a point in Hannah's direction. Fortunately she was having an eyebrow check and didn't see me.

'HMM.' Thea nodded. 'Yes, I can voir how tu would worry.'

The End

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