Abbie: DramaMature

Mr Gleffis (who we call Mr Tash Guy because of his huge mostache) has given us a thing to do. We have 3 characters:  Girl/Boy, Girl's/Boy's friend,Bully, Teacher. (Because it's Anti Bullying week). But because we have an extra person, someone has to be the bully's friend who is under the influence of the bully. 

"You can be the bully's freind Sarah" Kanoa says with more venom than needed after changing her jeans into PE shorts.

"No, why don't you. It'll just show how mean you are" Sarah spits back at her. Roxane's watching them with one eyebrow raised. I ignore them as I try to explain to Lia what we have to do.

"We're doing an Anti Bullying Scene. Because it's ANTI BULLYING WEEK" I have to yell over the noise. Lia nods slowly. It's obvious she doesn't understand because of the noise, s I translate it into Italian. She nods again. 

"- and what about you Roxane?" Sarah spits the name as if it's a curse "You didn't even get chance to get to know me"

"DO NOT bring Roxane into this" Kanoa shouts

"No, It's OK. I'll happily Join in" Roxane sneers. Then the argument gets so heated that I have to ask Mr Tash Guy if we can rehearse in the corridor. He agrees. The argument doesn't stop. It just gets more and more heated. When we have ten minutes to the bell, Sir comes out.

"I see you're getting nowhere fast" he says as Keela, Roxane and Sarah continue arguing. "Abbie, I'm making you head of the group. Let me observe your leading skills. Do whatever you need to do, say whatever you need to say" he sits down on a chair and raises one eyebrow. I take a deep breath.

"SHUT UP!!!" I yell. The argument stops and I carry on without stopping. "Sarah, you can be the bully" I say. Kanoa laughs.

"No, we decided that Kanoa's the bully" she lies, badly

"Tough sh*t" I say. "Roxane, you can be the teacher"

"What!?" Sarah screams "Why does she get to be a good character? I want to be the teacher!" My gosh, she sounds like a three year old!

"Eff off, b**ch" I answer "Kanoa, you can be the victim"


"You can be the victims friend, Lia. And I'll be the bully's friend" Then I make up a play as I go along, I make them act it out. It goes better than I thought it would. Kanoa realizes that I just got them to do a play of the last few days, with a happy ending. And she grins at me as we take a bow.

"Well done!" Mr Tash Guy claps "That was really good! Abbie, have a sticker. Now, may I ask, why did you make Sarah the bully?"

"It's suits her perfectly" I say simply. Sir laughs and then the bell goes, and we all get dismissed. 

The End

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