Kanoa : WetMature

My jeans are soaked, and I just stand there, feeling the water run down my legs, cold water freezing my legs up. Jeans are particularly hard to dry, and that water is freezing, extra bad. I see an unfamiliar girl with a light blue scarf by the door, who'd just been pushed by Sarah while she was rushing out. I smile awkwardly and pretend nothing happened.

"Are you ok?" The girl by the door asks, her face full of concern.

"Oh yeah, I'll live, you have to be able to cope with that thing around!"

"Oh,"She simply says, probably quite confused.

"Are you new then?" I ask her.

" Yes I am."

"Cool, and I guess you are from Italy?"


"I'm Kanoa, this doesn't usually happen in school. Or maybe I just have bad luck."

"I'm Lia, who was that?"

"Sarah, you're either her friend or her enemy."

Then Heather comes through the door.

"What happened?" she exclaims, staring at me.

"Sarah happened." I reply quietly, then I couldn't help it, and burst into tears, just because of the fact it is freezing and that Sarah would actually do something like that.

Heather and the new girl introduce themselves to each other, she's italien and called Lia. I grab half a stack of paper towels and start wiping myself down.

"Bl**dy a**ehole. Idiotic b**ch." I curse to myself, the water soaks into my jeans, as if on purpose.

I walk out of the toilet when I manage to get as much water off me as possible. We get to the drama studio, I poke my head inside and ask sir if I could get changed, after a little water incident. Seeing Lia look absolutely terrified, I whisper to her that I'd be back soon, then I spot Sarah smirking at me. After I got my P.E. kit out of my locker, I changed into some shorts in the toilet. My legs are freezing, but it's better than wearing those wet jeans all day, which I later put on a radiator.

The End

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