Lia; Oh no! not mr moustacheMature

The girl who poored the water storms out past me giving me a venomous look as though i'd just hit her. The other girl was collecting as many paper towels as she could to dry herself with saying words I'm sure were rude but my school back in Italy hadn't taught me.

"Are you ok?" i ask concerned that this girl might not survive in this freezing weather.

"oh yeah i'll live" the girl smiles at me, " you have to be able to cope with that thing around!"

"oh"I say smiling though I have no idea what she is on about.

"Are you new then?" She says in a kind voice.

" Yes i am."

"Cool. and i guess you are from Italy?"


The bell rings loudly in my ear making me jump a mile then an other girl runs into the room and cries, "What happened?" In a loud voice right next to my ear.

"Sarah happens" The wet girl whispers then begins to cry. The loud girl pulls her into a hug.

"Sorry who are you?" She ask the me.

" I'm Lia" I say.

"Ah, Siete d'Italia" She says using Italian.

"Si puo parlare Italian"She smiles and I shyly smile back.

The wet girl walks out slowly and I follow looking at my planner unsure where the drama studio is.

 "Oh dear come on we better run. Don't want to be late" she said dragging me through down the corridor. "you are in my class aren't you?"


"Yep you're with me!"

My heart dropped like a stone as I saw our teacher... oh dear it was mister moustache from the corridor...

The End

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