Jake: OrchestraMature

What a coincidence. All of my classes were with Heather. Now we had orchestra. She was on the violin, me on the drums. We weren't far away from each other.

Hmm, I wonder if I'm going to get 101 questions. I groaned as I slumped through the coridoor.

"Jake, nice to see you've joined us." The conducter eyes me scornfully and I scowl at him. He shoots me a disapproving glance but I ignore it and continue walking slowly to my place. I see Heather's eyes on me. I sat down and shoved my bag on the floor and waited - not long - for the questions to come.

"So you like her? Does she like you? Did you get an answer yet?"

I tried to concentrate on the teacher, but all I heard was his drony voice going; Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Okay, go.

Oh, crap.

"Heather, what we gotta do?" I muttered, not letting my eyes wander over to her. I knew, though, from a peripheral glance, that she rolled her eyes.

"Page 42. Practise for ten minutes then group perfomance."

"Thanks," I mumbled, whipping out my music book. I set it out in front of me and began to play an even beat.

The End

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