Abbie: This Is Gonna Be BadMature

As I walk into Drama, Roxane at my side, I wonder where Kanoa got to. She'd gone to the loo ten minutes before the bell. And she still isn't back.

"Everyone get into groups of four!" our Drama teacher says loudly as everyone files in. Small groups start forming around the room. I can see the teacher making a note of who's here. He comes over to us after counting twice. "Abbie, Kanoa is here today isn't she? I definitely saw her this morning."

"Yes Sir, she's here. She just went to the loo. She'll be in our group. This is Roxane" I say all in one breath.

"Hello Roxane. I guess you're gonna be in Abbie's group too?" He asks. Roxane nods. "Well, that's a group of three who's gonna be number four?" at that point, Kanoa walks in. Her jeans are soaked and she's dragging a girl in behind her. The girls eyes widen when she sees Sir. Ha! He must have seen her in the corridor. He's nice except when that happens.

"Sir, sorry I'm late" Kanoa says.

"It's OK" Sir says "Who's this then?" he indicates the new girl.

"Hello, I'm Lia" the girl says. She has an Italian accent.

"Well hello Lia. I promise not to boil you in frogs breath, as this is your first day. Abbie and Kanoa here, have already had that fate. They are lucky survivors." he grins. Me and Kanoa laugh. Roxane looks confused. Then Sarah skips up. Oh no.

"Sir, I haven't got a group" she says in her I'm-So-Innocent voice.

"Well, you can be in this group. I'll allow a group of five" Sir says. OH NO! this is gonna be sooooooooooooooo bad. It takes all my self control to ignore Sarah, while Kanoa shoots a venomous glare at her and Roxane turns away dramatically. I walk up to the new girl.

"Ciao Lia, mi Abbie. Nizza di incontrarvi" Hello Lia, I'm Abbie. Nice to meet you. Lia smiles.

"Nizza per soddisfare anche voi, Abbie" Nice to meet you too, Abbie.

The End

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